Winter view from my kitchen window

Hi there my name is Julie Godfrey and I live in a sleepy little village in Suffolk with my Husband Eddy and all of our Ragdoll Cats.  I became captivated with their Stunning Beauty, gentle Temperament and of course their mischievous manner.  Ragdolls are people orientated cats who love to be heavily involved with everything that their Human slaves are doing - be it making the beds, computing, cooking or just sitting down relaxing, they love to be there beside you "helping out" in a way that only Raggies know how to do!!  They will follow you from room to room just to be near you.    Take a Raggie into your heart and you have a loyal loving friend for ever!!  My passion is to help in a small way to re introduce and to preserve the Ragdoll Type - Size and Temperament  mainly in the Colours of Chocolate and Lilac.  The Chocolate Gene and the beautiful dilute colour of chocolate, which is Lilac, came into this Country with the first Imports in the early 80's  (Read all about The Ragdoll Beginning on the ( )   but unfortunately the colours of Chocolate and Lilac were deemed lost over the years.  Now  with modern technology DNA testing which is readily available to ordinary Breeders like myself - we have discovered that some of our Ragdolls still carry this Gene and with careful Breeding we can over time re-introduce these stunning colours again although a great deal of work still needs to be done to perfect the "Traditional Look" with the Temperament and above all the size of the Ragdoll as sadly the true Traditional Ragdoll  (considered by many as, all pedigree lines leading back to the Twelve BlossomTime Ragdolls  Imported in the Eighties) have largely lost their Gentle Giant Image, in my opinion.   I am an ethical Breeder complying to all the Rules and Regulations laid down for Breeders on The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF) and I belong to the GCCF Breeders Scheme.  I am a Member of The Progressive Ragdoll Cat Club  AND  The Traditionalist Ragdoll Cat Club  - Both of these Clubs are affiliated to the GCCF.



Above - Lilac Ragdoll Kitten - opposite are Chocolate Ragdoll Kittens  -  Below is a Lilac Mitted Ragdoll Queen